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jul 22 2015 dna was extracted with a high volume protocol (4.8 ml chemagic viral 5k kit; . the magnetic separation module i automatically performed the assays (elisas) (iga and cmv igg avidity; euroimmun ag lübeck germany). . to 0.91 iu/ml (for mp nat with extraction with the chemagen viral 5k kit) or

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apr 15 2015 single nucleotide polymorphism in the l allele of 5 httlpr (rs25531 a/g) . using the chemagic magnetic separation module i (chemagen

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jun 29 2005 a magnetic separation module i (chemagic laboratories) in combination with the chemagic viral dna and rna kit special based on

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aug 7 2014 extracted from the peripheral blood with the chemagen dna purification kit using chemagic magnetic separation module i (chemagen ag).

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4) pipetting and contact free magnetic separation as well as active the compartment is centered in the reaction module and the particles are fixed to the . m pva c22 particles were supplied by perkinelmer chemagen technologie the chemagic dna blood250 kit used for dna purification inside the reactor

chemagicstar nucleic acid extraction workstation

chemagic. the new chemagicstar combines chemagen's leading na purification system with the best automated liquid handling technology to offer you

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chemagic magnetic separation module i using the 3 ml chemagic dna blood kit special (chemagen bio technologie ag baesweiler germany) or

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to ease and accelerate nucleic acid isolation based on magnetic particles and to offer the separation process as implemented in the chemagic instruments.

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choose chemagic nucleic acid isolation for high quality dna and rna from many sample types based on our patented chemagen magnetic bead technol.

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the chemagic magnetic separation module i is the complete solution for preparation of nucleic acids from various sample material such as blood tissue

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magnetic bead technology in viral rna and dna extraction from plasma minipools . with a magnetic separation module i (chemagic chemagen ag) whereby.

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sep 28 2015 of 96 donations using the chemagen nucleic extraction protocol for 4.8 ml plasma. with the automated chemagic magnetic separation module msmi .. stramer sl fang ct foster ga wagner ag brodsky jp dodd ry