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example 1. oil with = 900kg/m3 and kinematic coefcient of viscosity = 000001m2/s ows at q v =02m3/s through 500 m of 200 mm diameter cast iron pipe. determine (a) the head loss and (b) the pressure drop if the pipe slopes down at 10 in the ow direction. solution.

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consider the form and how the part is made. castings will have signs of parting mold lines cold rolled or extruded surfaces or hot rolled wrought material. as an example is a piece of pipe is cast it could be cast iron or wrought iron which would typically be composed of steel. color as a clue in metal identification methods

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at the other end of the scale more active metals (zinc aluminum and cast iron) exhibit strong positive charges that tend to generate electrical current. click image to enlarge. galvanism occurs when two metals with different electrical potential are in close contact creating a current flow. the resultant flow is very small in dry conditions but when the metals are joined by water the water acts as an electrolyte.

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each circulator pump has several important features that have to taken into consideration prior to making a purchase. these features include the material of construction (cast iron bronze stainless steel) flow rate (gpm or gallons per minute) head loss (in ft of head) horsepower (hp) power supply (v) and connection type/size (flanged threaded sweat).

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dart iron eagle platinum 23176 200cc heads offer increased high lift air flow for large displacement engines. long wearing bronze valve guides screw in studs multi angle intake seats and hardened and radiused exhaust seats are standard. best of all our precision cast ports produce outstanding airflow without time consuming porting.

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silicon. cast iron can be cast into intricate shapes because of its excellent fluidity. because of the excellent properties obtainable with these low cost engineering materials cast iron finds wide application in environments that demand good corrosion resistance including water storm and sanitary drain waste and vent applications.

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material selection charts . in order to demonstrate the power of the material selection chart approach a number of common property combinations have been plotted these are listed below.if your browser is capable 1 you should see interactive chart pages which. allow you to view the selection charts.

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ductile iron pipe flow chart ductile cast iron pipe chinaductile iron tube150mm ductile iron with 44 files. flow chart for comparing to numbers call flow chart office space planning to plan flow chart equipment procurement process flow chart sample project flow chart flow chart vba code flow chart microsoft word template flow chart of

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the movement of cast iron is close to that of structural steel and concrete meaning it literally moves with the building and usually requires no compensation for expansion or contraction. sound attenuation a materials ability to block the transmission of sound is a function of the materials density. cast iron

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the nature of the type of flow of a fluid is determined by the value of the reynolds number. the various types of flows are visualized by the chart of the diagram of moody using the reynolds number for the x axis and the factor of friction f for the y axis.

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sulfur for example is commonly introduced to the molten metal in order to increase hardness which is otherwise low in most cast iron components. gray iron casting has a high amount of silicone which is responsible for the production of graphite when the alloyed materials are heated.

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abstract a life cycle analysis (lca) was performed for six commonly used types of water and wastewater pipe materials polyvinyl chloride (pvc) ductile iron cast iron high density polyethylene (hdpe) concrete and reinforced concrete. the objectives were to

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dissimilar metal corrosion and electrolysis in water based hydraulic systems. creating a current flow. the resultant flow is very small in dry conditions but when the metals are joined by water the water acts as an electrolyte. the removal of the cast iron material directly under the brass wear plate has caused the brass wear plate to

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(a) steel (b) grey cast iron chapter 11 26 types of cast iron white iron lt1wt% si harder but brittle eutectic carbide plus pearlite large amount of fe 3c formed during casting malleable iron the result of annealing white iron castings 800186 900186 c cementitegraphite precipitates clusters or rosettes

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steel and cast iron (systematic rehabilitation) 5.1 scope rehabilitation measures for steel components and elements are described in this chapter. information needed for systematic rehabilitation of steel buildings as depicted in step 4b of the process flow chart shown in

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a list of ferrous metals contains iron and its alloys including all steels. any solid metal that can be melted can be cast. foundries are the factories that do this casting work developing expertise with a handful of metals and methods and designing standard products to maximize value and efficiency in production.

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cast iron variable orifice static balancing valve cast iron variable orifice double regulating valve precision adjustable handwheel flat face flange ends to ansi b16.10 flanges drilled according to asme b16.1 class 125 lengths according to en558 1 series 1 alkyd/acrylic painted surface valve accuracy 1775% to nominal cv value at fully open position

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cast iron pipe has served continuously for over a century. the development and use of ductile iron pipe made it possible to evaluate its service characteristics as compared to gray iron pipe and it has been confirmed that its corrosion resistance is equal to or greater than the excellent resistance of gray iron

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example 1 . find the head loss due to the flow of 1500gpm of oil (= 2151.15 10 /42 ft s) through 1600 feet of 8quot diameter cast iron pipe. if the density of the oil . =1.75 / slug ft. 3 what is the power to be supplied by a pump to the fluid find the bhp of the pump if its efficiency is 0.85. solution . we have the following information.

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ductile iron is a high strength tough material used in water and wastewater systems in all 50 states of the united states and in many other areas of the world. continuous testing and field experience have brought the production and use of ductile iron pipe to maturity.

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the primary difference in production between wrought iron and cast iron is that cast iron is not worked with hammers and tools. there are also differences in compositioncast iron contains 24% carbon and other alloys and 13% of silicon which improves the casting performance of the molten metal.

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many materials can be cast including several types of metals and synthetics but iron and steel in particular feature excellent mechanical properties for a wide range of applications. while cast iron and steel may appear similar on the surface they each have distinct advantages and disadvantages from production to application.

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iso k cast iron unlike steel is a short chipping type of material. gray cast irons (gci) and malleable cast irons (mci) are quite easy to machine while nodular cast irons (nci) compact cast irons (cgi) and austempered cast irons (adi) are more difficult.

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sep 23 2015018332cast iron is brittle and hard and resistant to wear. its used in water pipes machine tools automobile engines and stoves. wrought iron. wrought iron is an alloy with so little carbon content its almost pure iron. during the manufacturing process some slag is added which gives wrought iron excellent resistance to corrosion and oxidation however it is low in hardness and fatigue strength.

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final report forging industry association. these components are essentially influenced by the material used and manufacturing typical example component chosen was a vehicle steering knuckle made of three and component evaluation forged steel was found superior to cast iron . figure 2 1 flow chart of the forging process (kalpakjian and schmid 2000).